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Hail stops – here we come!

During hail many cars could be damaged. By PDR (Paintless Dent Removal or Paintless Dent Repair - removing dents without painting) all these damages to the car body can be removed without additional charges for painting body parts / vehicle. This technology is gaining popularity in the world of auto body shops. Its helps remove dents to the car body after hail, car crash or after hitting with / into a dull object, even after dents to the car from fallen walnuts and acorns. Important for its implementation is that the paint is not affected.

PDR technology is equivalent to completely smooth and flawless car body. The term is synonymous with professional removal of dents without painting. The technique is performed by applying pressure from the underside of the panel and light tapping to the outside one. Through the use of special light - all shading due to the deformations is easily detected. This is particularly important in the final stage of fine workup.